Lake District Equine Portrait Session in the Rain.

Why Does It Always Rain on Me? Embracing the Northern Weather for Stunning Equine Portraits

Lake District Equine Portrait Session in the Rain.

“Why does it always rain on me?”—that iconic line from Travis might feel all too familiar to us here, at the moment, in the North of England and Southern Scotland.

But what if I told you that this rain, often seen as a dampener, can actually be a blessing in disguise when it comes to equine photography? Let’s explore how those grey skies and persistent showers can help us create truly stunning equine portraits.

The Unlikely Beauty of Rainy Day Portraits

Rain might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a perfect session, but it brings a unique, atmospheric element that can elevate your equine portraits!

  • Soft Light and Natural Diffusion
    • Overcast skies act like a giant softbox, creating soft, even lighting that flatters both horses and riders. Unlike the harsh shadows of a sunny day, this light wraps gently around the subjects, highlighting every detail and creating a smooth, pleasing look.
  • Dramatic and Moody Skies
    • And cloud-filled skies can provide a stunning, dramatic backdrop that adds depth and mood to your photographs.

Last year I did an incredible Equine Portrait Session with Maisie and her gorgeous fell pony Elliot. We had headed down to the water’s edge, in the middle of the Lake District and all of a sudden the heavens opened. This was the Lake District after all. And it just made the photographs! They looked brilliant.

Lake District Equine Portrait Session in the Rain, by Emma Campbell

Preparing for a showery day session

Showers doesn’t have to mean we have to cancel your portrait session. With a bit of preparation and flexibility, we can definitely make the most of it and still capture amazing images.

  • Location Flexibility
    • Being open to using different locations, such as barns or stables, can provide sheltered spots to continue shooting while staying dry. These locations can offer the options for amazing darken backdrops and fine art work.

Thomas (right) was photographed on a day, where we had showers at the beginning of the session – so we headed to a barn and started inside. The barn he stood in, had stables and haynets and all sorts behind him. But the light was amazing. It just took some editing to remove the background and create a wonderful portrait. An image we may not have captured if it remained 100% dry and stayed outdoors – or if the sun was too strong! After the showers passed, we ventured onto the hills.

Thomas in a barn - waiting for the showers to pass over

The next time the forecast predicts showers, don’t let it discourage you. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to create something extraordinary. Showers bring a natural softness, drama, and emotion that sunny days simply can’t offer. Whether we’re taking shelter in a cozy stable or embracing the elements, every session has the potential to produce breathtaking results.

So, rain or shine, let’s celebrate and capture the timeless beauty of your amazing Equine friend. Ready to book your session?

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