Master Craftsman Horse Photographer, Emma Campbell

Master Craftsman Horse Photographer, Emma Campbell

Master Craftsman Horse Photographer, submitting panel
Fine art horse portrait by Emma Campbell

I can’t quite believe it, but I’ve been awarded the highest accolade by the Guild of Photographers, of a ‘Master Craftsman’.

I now join an elite party of only 50 photographers in the Country who hold this title; as well as the accolade of first photographer to achieve this status with an equine panel.

The Guild are a highly regarded national photographic body whose members are committed to achieving the highest standards of professionalism for the benefit of their clients. Achieving this status involved a rigorous assessment process which saw me present 20 equine portraits to a panel of industry expert judges, from a variety of photography backgrounds, at the Guild’s headquarters in Stoke.

Master Craftsman Horse Photographer, Emma Campbell

Master Craftsman – Emma Joins an elite group

Steven and Lesley Thirsk (the Directors of the Guild) said – “We are delighted that Emma has achieved this! The Guild has very demanding standards, so this achievement reflects Emma’s commitment to her photography, as well as her ability.”

For me, it’s also about my commitment to delivering the very best service to her clients. Having moved to Cumbria 13 years ago, the panel of horses and ponies not only displayed some of the breeds I photograph today, but much more. Combining the Fell pony and British Thoroughbred, the panel, which took years to build and has taken me on a journey visiting remote Lake District farms and smallholdings; where I’ve experienced warm hospitality and forged lasting friendships. It’s given me a greater understanding of the heritage and culture of Cumbria and through its colourful landscape, where some of these animals roam semi-feral; it’s also helped me to further develop my style.

Thank you David Islip for my group photograph.

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