Equine Portrait Session Experience - by Emma Campbell

The Class of 2023!


A thank you and gratitude to each and every horse and pony in the UK, that I’ve photographed in 2023!

The Class of 2023!

I always feel incredibly honoured to capture the unique, individual friendship you all share with your horses.

I’m honoured that you permit me to catch a glimpse into this personal bond, and in return, my aim is to create, personal and beautiful wall art for your home. So that, not only will you never forget such special and precious moments, but I hope will also bring a smile, each time you daily glance at them.

Horses and ponies have involved through time and if we are open to it, today they can very much look after us. They are a wonderful distraction, have a calming influence, and naturally place us in the present and protect us from the craziness that is often surrounding us. They make us stop and breathe. They are amazing.

Thank you to everyone who let me come into your world and let me photograph you and your wonderful horses and ponies this year. It really truly has been such an honour xx

(Please note – if you are not shown on this video – it’s because your GDPR settings were set for anonymity. If you’d prefer to be added – please just drop me a message. Thank you x)

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